Friday, October 21, 2016

Another window update

Now for the living room....same setup as the dining room.  

Again, too much I rescued the valance from one of the guest rooms to give this room a little color.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Master Bath Finished

We're finally finished with the master bath update!!

Grout applied to the new border - just regular white unsanded grout to match the original.

Many sequences later of sponging off the excess grout!

Let me remind you of what it looked like "before" 

And here's the "after"!!

And another view "before":

And the "after" shot from that direction:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Window treatment update

Our window treatments have been untouched since 1995!!  I think it is time for an update!

The "before" shot of the dining room.

Like I said, they really haven't been touched in 20 years....I removed all the complicated structure for the drapes and took down the old two aluminum mini-blinds.  (And patched the holes in the sheetrock!)

I had ordered the blinds online, custom made to fit the large opening.

And the "after" shot.  My original thought was to just have the blind, no other window treatment since that appears to be the current style.  But there was just too much "white" in the room.  So,  I put the original valance back up, at least temporarily.  It was easy since I didn't have to put back all that complicated structure to hold the valance out in "space".

I'm pleased with the more modern effect. Definitely more attractive than the two separate mini-blinds!   I'm planning to paint this room green - and since there will be contrast,  I may be able to take the valance away at that point, or possibly go with a different style.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Partial Hardwood Install

Today the hardwood "expert" arrived....and I really do believe he's the expert!!

First he had to install some underlayment to make it all level.

Then he had to take out some of the existing floor to stagger in the new stuff.

And this is as far as he got!  Unfortunately, our existing boards are not quite he has to go back to retrieve some sort of jack that will straighten everything out and make sure it aligns, he'll be back tomorrow!!

Monday, October 17, 2016


The installation is taking a bit longer than we expected....but we're just glad we're not doing the work ourselves this time!!!

Our bedroom is done.

Very happy with it!  The carpet feels so nice and thick on bare feet.

They'll be back tomorrow to finish the last couple of stair treads and the hardwood floor in the hallway! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I'll take a little pause from the house stuff....because we flew up to Asheville to attend my niece Bridget's wedding!

In case you didn't see these on Facebook.... here are a few nice snapshots!

It was a lovely wedding!!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Carpet install - day one

The day has finally arrived for the carpet install!

We had to remove all things from the room except the actual furniture.  It looks weird because we've got everything pulled away from the walls too.  (We removed the huge mirror from the big chest because we didn't want that broken!!)

Guest room ready!

The installers moved all the furniture out very efficiently....out comes the carpet....a bit of cleanup.  New tack strips nailed down.

Padding in place.  This is the guest room.

Office carpet going in.

Stairs stripped and preparing for new carpet.

Office finished!!  I'm very pleased with it.  They put a firm padding under a nice closed-loop Berber-type carpet.

The pile of old carpet grew as the day went!!  Glad it was them toting all that!!  I will say that they are a couple of hard-working guys!!

Late in the day, they had finished the office and the guest room.  We spent some time putting stuff back in place.

But they didn't finish the stairs....ran out of time and didn't have enough carpet either. 

They'll be back tomorrow for more install - the master bedroom and the hardwood in the hallway!!

Looking good!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

More tile work!!

After an ENTIRE day, the mosaic detail tiles are installed!!!!

Here's a closeup of the little "nooks".  Keep in mind that Duane put these little nooks in 21 years ago when we installed the tile everyone seems to be doing it on HGTV.   We all know Duane is super!!

We'll have to wait a day for the mastic to dry before we apply the grout.

But that may be a day or two....the new carpet/hardwood installers come tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grouting the tile....

We waited 48 hours to make sure the mortar was given plenty of time to it's time to grout!!

We decided on a darker grout (Mocha) for the floor.  I put masking tape on the existing tile to keep the darker grout off the white original grout.

Starting with the shower area.

After 20 minutes, I sponged off the excess grout.

Then on to the same process in the closet area.

And then on to the larger open area of the bathroom.

Several iterations of sponging off the excess grout....

 And after 6 hours of constant attention....the floor is done!!

Pretty pleased with the effect!   Only one day before the flooring installers arrive and we're about ready!