Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NYC Trip day 2

Whew!! Another busy day - seeing all the sights we could! Sharon and Buddy were great "tour guides"!

First thing after breakfast at the hotel was to walk over to Broadway and get our tickets for the show tonight.  Sharon had read about Steve Martin's bluegrass show set it western NC.  If you go directly to the box office the morning before the show, you can get 1/2 price tickets.  It worked wonderfully!

Then it was on to visit Central Park!  Even on a weekday morning, it was pretty busy. 

Beautiful views. 

Neat gathering places.

Surprisingly hilly and rocky.  Really an oasis in the middle of the big city!

Stopped for a while to watch a little street dancing show.

Stopped at a street vendor for a lunch snack.  He actually was friendly - although the photo doesn't show it.

Then it was on to the "Met" - the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We saw just a fraction - you really could spend days in the place.

The inlaid wood work was amazing.

All sorts of different artifacts.

Beautiful stained glass.

And some familiar paintings - this Van Gogh sunflower painting is similar to one I had in my childhood bedroom.  (I looked it up - he did many different sunflower paintings)

Too many neat things to show!  We really didn't have all day, so we limited the wandering to just a few hours.

Went back into Central Park to see the "Alice" sculpture that we had missed the first time.

And wandered down 5th Ave - cool statue in front of the fancy Plaza Hotel.

And it was time to head over to Broadway for the show!

I was sneaky and snapped a few (no flash) photos.  Very well done story - told in several timeframes.  Lovely singing and nicely done scene changes.

After intermission, Steve Martin appeared playing the banjo with the band (he's in purple in the center).  Apparently, he appears every once in a while.  The crowd gave him a standing ovation for his brief appearance.

Really cool - now I've seen a show on Broadway!

We had a bit of stamina left for a little walk in Times Square.  It is certainly sensory overload!

And that was it for the day!  Tired feet, for sure!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Trip to NYC Day 1

First time for us to spend any time in the Big City!

A little delay at RDU, taxied out, taxied back to the terminal, switched planes - only an hour delay so we all thought that was a pretty good outcome.

Approaching JFK - you can see the city in the background (in the smog!)

Bought our 7 day subway passes - and began our day!

We really made use of the passes...

We only got lost about 5 or 6 times....mostly we had hopped on the train in the wrong direction.  Easy to fix - just get off the wrong train and usually walk up to street level and find the opposite corner entrance to be on the correct direction. Rookie mistakes  :-)

Typical street scene 

In the "Flower District" -  amazing flower shops.

Walked the "Highline" - a neat 1.5 mile long city park that is built on an elevated no-longer-used rail platform.

Strange things people do....

And we didn't see any of these - maybe it was just a tad chilly!

 While walking on the elevated park - we saw this "parking deck".   Apparently, you call ahead and they retrieve your car from it's "berth".  Bet that's cheap!!

Wandered down to the Hudson River.

Then took the subway over to the 9/11 Memorial.  This is the base of one of the Twin Towers - you can't make it out in the photo but there is a constant stream of water flowing over the wall and disappears into the square at the bottom.  

One World Trade Center

Each victim's name is engraved around the memorial.  A very somber place.

And then it was on the subway to the Staton Island Ferry.

Looking back at the city as we departed on the ferry with the sun setting.

Approaching the Statue of Liberty

The sun going down didn't help my little camera take a good photo....

Sun setting fast!

And after sunset - looking back at the city!

That was it for a very, very long first day in NYC!!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us!

If you didn't see it on FB, our 34th anniversary is today!

No big celebration planned - every day is an adventure, so no special celebration required, wink, wink!

Oh, we were so young!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016


We've got a long flying trip planned at the end of the summer - west to ND, Calgary, Glacier National Park and then back to SD.   Of course, this means there will be lots of hiking....

So, it's time to get in shape! 

The past couple of days we've been hiking around Jordan Lake - strangely, the lake is overflowing!  the marked trail actually is thru these trees.  We just cut our own trail on dry land, intersecting the marked trail when it was dry again!  Hiked about 7 miles, most of it pretty level - so an easy day!

The next day -  we chose a much more challenging hike - 5.4 miles and it was pretty hilly!!    One of the overlooks across the lake.  Glad it was overcast so the temps stayed very comfortable.  The feet were a bit tired!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time to fly the new plane home!

Since the winds were severe, we decided to land at a larger airport than usual with several runways.  That way, we would have a better chance of having a favorable wind direction.

We chose Terre Haute.  Nice airport - thought the name on the door was cute!

Our next stop was Asheville to visit our Moms!  It was Mother's Day and since we were flying past anyway, it seemed like a good idea to just stop in!

I didn't take any "Mom" photos....shame on me!!

We had really nice visits and meals - got a few plants from both Moms.  That's always a bonus of visiting!

Beautiful flight home.

Much nicer weather for the flight home - not so windy!

Can you spot the Biltmore House??

We had to fly to the Fayetteville Airport - since we had left a car there!

Duane flew back to Asheboro in the Cherokee, I got the car out of the long-term parking.

On the ramp departing Fayetteville....

And home sweet home at Asheboro!!

Parked in it's hangar and ready for training!