Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Visit home

We drove up to Hendersonville for the funeral....view from Mom and Frank's house.

Frank was feeling a bit better!

Mom and daughter selfie.

Keith and Denise - we're all a bit sweaty as it's hot!

Fun, chaotic dinner....

We also visited a while with Duane's folks before the burial.  Cordy is recovering well from his hip replacement.

After the burial near Weaverville, Buckeye Baptist fed us all a fabulous meal.  Really nice to get to visit with all my uncles and cousins.....Teresa and I with Curt, our oldest uncle.  I was going to say that he was our "spunkiest" uncle....but they're all pretty spunky!!

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affectioknit said...

...fun times...you are the master of the selfie...take a peek at my summer banner...it looks like the same photo...