Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chilly Sylva / Cullowhee Visit

We were invited up to our friends Cecil and Carolyn's "cottage" near Cullowhee for a weekend visit. The plan was for all three of the planes that are going on the May Bahamas trip to fly up to Jackson County Airport. Turned out that the weather was a bit on the "iffy" side. Very cold and snow showers. So, we decided to go VFR (visual) because we didn't want to talk to the air traffic controllers. (The controllers can direct you to fly thru the clouds where you might pick up ice on the airplane - not good!!!!)

That turned out to be a very good decision, because there was lots of cloud cover - but we found a "hole" in the clouds and descended down to the hilltop airport.  A little blustery, but nothing Duane couldn't handle!  (Hard to see in the photo, but there are snow showers falling under the clouds surrounding the airport.)

Cecil actually heard us circling overhead and came on out to the airport to pick us up.

This is a view that we should be having in the Bahamas in May - two Mooney's and a Bonanza!  (Only, like 50 degrees warmer!!)

Ever-cheerful Lindy!

By the afternoon, we had nice, chilly sunshine - Cecil took us on a little tour of the resort - Bear Lake. Beautiful area.

The view from the clubhouse.  I can't wait to visit in the summer (assuming I'm worthy of being invited back!)

We coerced Carolyn to go on a little hike.  There was a nice trailhead right across from their house. 

And a short hike to a little mill-pond.  It was VERY blustery.  This is a very protected little alcove - yet you can still see the water was disturbed by the winds.  The cold made us all pine for the Bahamas!!!

Did I mention the "cottage"???  The word certainly doesn't do it justice!  Wonderful, cozy place Cecil and Carolyn have! 

There is a outdoor area that looks very inviting - but the 14 degree overnight kept us inside! I tried not to click millions of photos - and this time I failed to photograph our shy hostess! Oh, well, there will be plenty of opportunities in May! Cecil and Carolyn were FABULOUS hosts!

Sunday morning dawned bright and not as windy, thank goodness!   Here are Dick and Lindy preparing for takeoff in front of us.

Always love to end these posts with the usual - "uneventful flight home" !!!  That's the best kind of flight - uneventful!!!

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affectioknit said...

What a lovely weekend! and hooray for uneventful flights...