Friday, May 18, 2012

Warderick Wells Exuma Park

After a pleasant night's sleep, we took the dinghy over to the Warderick Wells Park headquarters to pay our fee and do a little exploring on the island.

The island is all limestone - and the eons have pitted the relatively soft stone in an "other-worldly" way!  The hiking was a bit difficult because you had to be careful where you stepped!  Look close - there is a small lizard in the middle of the photo. 

Some spectacular views!!  The water was bathtub-warm!

There was a rather large hole in the ground that someone had put a ladder down - I had to climb down, of course!  

More spectacular views as we continued around the island!  This is the Atlantic side - much deeper water.
Still crystal clear.

We walked to the top of "BooBoo Hill" - the highest point - where "cruisers" have a tradition over the years of leaving a piece of driftwood stenciled with their boat name.  Since we weren't on our own boat, we did not feel the need to participate in this tradition!

Walking back to the boat, we had to take off our shoes and wade thru a rather large tidal pool - quite refreshing, actually!

Always love to snap photos of the boat!

Cecil and Carolyn relaxing.....

And Lindy doing some chore!

Off we pushed south to our next destination - Staniel Cay....I wanted to try my hand at fishing - and here is my catch!  More seaweed.  And I will tell you - pulling that sucker in was no small feat.  After a couple of more false alarms like this one, I put the pole away!  It's hard work reeling it in - too much for vacation time!

Beautiful water again at Staniel!

We made reservations over the VHF for dinner at Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Had some of the best Lobster Chowder I've ever tasted!  Yummm.  Another fine day in paradise!!


affectioknit said...

all Fun! of course...what was at the bottom of the hole...?



Karen said...

surprisingly - the roots of a fairly good-sized tree! and a few mosquitoes!!