Friday, September 20, 2013

Beech 18 - lovely ole bird!

A buddy of mine from the Asheboro Airport needed just a minor amount of assistance with his airplane.  Pretty Beech 18! ! (also known as a Twin-Beech).   Those of you that are of the correct "vintage" might remember this aircraft was used during the Vietnam war by Air America. 

My buddy just needed a pilot in the cockpit to do some testing on a instrument that he was having problems with.  This is a much more complicated panel than I am used to!!

My buddy towed the airplane around while I monitored the bad instrument.

And that was it!  No flight - but just getting in the plane is cool!   He has restored to to original - it's lovely!

Yes, very lovely!!!


affectioknit said...

Very pretty blue...and pretty vintage plane! Glad you got to sit in it!



Elizabeth said...

That is a very nice airplane!!