Sunday, February 26, 2017

Walking at Eno River

What a beautiful  February day!

We went to the Eno River State Park for a nice hike.

The swinging foot bridge across the river.

Pretty river views

Duane spied these two turtles on a rock - I had to zoom in so it's not too clear.

And we shooed this little snake on its way because it was in the middle of the path.  I looked it up - it's a Southern Ring Neck snake - hard to see, but it's got a little yellow band on it's neck.  It's "slightly venomous" can click on the photo to see it a little better.

And that was about it for the 5 mile hike.  We met Richard/Miranda/Robert and my mom/Frank for a nice meal in Chapel Hill.  A good day!!

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affectioknit said...

That does look like a pretty hike...a lot of people out too...and so strange to see a snake in February...