Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Very Hard Day of Work Repairing Shoreline Bulkhead

Aren't we supposed to be having "fun"????

OK, sometimes work is fun!

This is a photo from last year showing our shoreline.  Note that it's pretty sad looking - all the "rip-rap" stones have fallen into the water and the shoreline is no longer protected from storm surges.

 So, of course we had to remedy that situation.  We bought material made for this process - it's a woven mesh that's 12' wide.  We anchored it to the shoreline with the existing stones.

And we hired a dump truck to deliver 15 tons each of rip-rap and soil.  Note that we will personally handle each and every one of those stones!!

We fill in the banks with the soil to make it all even.

Then  we pulled up the material and started placing all the stones to protect it.

And this is what we accomplished today.  I'm tired.....


affectioknit said... looks bee-u-tee-full...



Elizabeth said...

Looks great, and like a whole lot of hard work. MOM