Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tar and Gravel Road Repairs

It's time to repair our long driveway again.....

A couple of days ago, Duane and I did just a little repair on our own part of the driveway -  some spots have lost their "chip and tar" coating over the years.  First we use the leaf blower to blow all the pea-gravel away and expose the bare hard-packed dirt.

Then we apply layers of hot tar and sprinkle new pea gravel over the tar.  That's it - simple process.

Here's a closeup with a little tar showing thru.  As we drive on it, the gravel will "sink" into the tar a bit to make a smooth surface.

Then this morning we and the neighbors got up early to tackle the "shared" driveway.

Duane's "new" tar-wagon is working great!  Much easier than gravity feeding out of a 55 gallon barrel like we did the previous times!

Fun, fun....just kidding - it's a lot of work!!  Glad we only do it every few years.


Elizabeth said...

A smooth road is always nice. Looks great! MOM

affectioknit said...

It looks AWESOME! ...but I bet it's really hot work...