Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Expensive boat shoes

I needed some new boat shoes if I'm going to be on a new boat....the current ones have definitely exceeded their "life expectancy"!

They are worn slick - the whole point in having boat shoes is that they grip the topsides of wet boats.... and there's actually holes in the bottoms.  Boat shoes are made to get wet, but it's a little ridiculous to have water coming in from the top AND the bottom!!

So, we got in our trusty bird and flew to Myrtle Beach....beautiful day.

Approaching Grand Strand airport.

Borrowed their "crew car" and headed to the outlet mall.  You all know that's just not our version of fun....but we persevered. 

Came away with "the most expensive boat shoes ever" (haha if you count the avgas we used to get there!)  Just kidding, we were going flying today anyway so it was just an excuse to go to Myrtle beach.    Ta-Da!  my new shoes!

We stopped on the way back to the airport and had a Chinese lunch with some of the best hot-n-sour soup I've ever had....a fun day! 


Elizabeth said...

So that's your version of the "$100.00 Hamburger". Only more so. MOM

affectioknit said...

Looks like a fun trip...