Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Warning, T, this post is not for you!

Duane caught this big guy.   We didn't measure, but the concrete dock you see is in 6" segments.   He was nice and beefy, so I decided he was going to be dinner!

Scaled and cleaned.

I am not the best at filleting, but I did a pretty good job.  Plenty big for the two of us.  Used some lemon pepper seasoning and olive oil.  (I didn't have any breading material in the camper or I think I would have fried them instead.)

I had wrapped a couple of sweet potatoes in foil and roasted them on the grill earlier.  Add a side of coleslaw and we had a great meal!  The fish was tender and excellent - just a few big bones that were easy to pick out. 

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Elizabeth said...

That does look like a delicious dinner. MOM