Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy B-day Robert!

Thought I'd share this - it is a card from my co-workers at IBM 23 yrs ago.  It's a list of possible baby names from some kind of office pool....."as of 1:30PM  1/25/89"....so the day after Robert was born.....

We hadn't named Robert - actually, we waited 3 days before we actually did the paperwork....so we were apparently the talk of the "department". We went to the hospital not knowing if he was a girl or a boy, so we really didn't have a name picked out. Plus, we had agreed that Karen would "birth" them and Duane would "name" them. Fair trade, huh?

I think it's neat that this is written on a key-punch card.  We actually were past that phase in the computer world, but there were so many of them around, we used them as scrap paper.  The note on it is from a good friend at the time, Tim.  "O" was my boss, "Overcash".    Ahh, the memories!

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affectioknit said...

Hilarious!!! and I so remember Quimby...we even told Scout about that name...so funny...