Sunday, January 01, 2012

Little Winter Vacation!

This year, we (Duane/I and Dick/Lindy) decided to head north for our after-Christmas mini-vacation.  The "dueling Mooneys" took off within a few minutes of each other -the weather for the flight up was fabulous!   Here we are approaching Manassas.  It's a short train ride to DC from the Manassas airport.

We made quick work of getting settled into our hotel rooms and set out for a bit of sightseeing before it got dark.

I love the city scenery - we walked past a fire station - thought the doors were interesting!

I wouldn't want to live there, but I do enjoy the city-scape and "vibe" of all the folks living/working so close together.

Our first museum (of many!!) was the American Art and Portraiture Museum.

Lots of various art types - and some portraits!!  I will not bore you with lots of photos.  Go see for yourself!!

There were some really bizarre things - this exhibit is a janitor's art...made pretty much entirely from aluminum-foil.  Kindof creepy if you ask me!

And here are a couple made from beer bottle caps.  

Yeah, and there you thought beer bottle caps were trash....

We were getting hungry by then - and we were close to Chinatown!!

Really - it reminded me of China!  Hanging meat and noodle-making.  We picked one of about 100 restaurants that were side-by-side.  We were ushered to the back and up a slender set of stairs to our table.  I think we picked a good restaurant - we were the only non-Asian people in the room!  

Then it was back to our hotel room - walked past the homeless shelter where the "residents" were outside on the streetcorner smoking their cigarettes in the cold.....

Our hotel was very near Union Station and this was the view walking down the street on the way back to our rooms!  Neat-o!

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affectioknit said...

What fun! I've been to DC...I can't wait to take the boys!