Friday, November 11, 2016

Attic flooring

Our attic is completely unfinished - it's just the ceiling joists with lots of insulation.  There were 1 foot wide strips of flimsy plywood in places that were (I assume) put there to accommodate the construction crew. 

I've used those strips of plywood over the years to (carefully) walk around up in the attic to put boxes of "stuff" that weren't really needed in the house.  Lots of the kids school stuff, toys, baby clothes, etc. 

I've wanted an actual "floor" up there for a long time.....up my new pull-down stairway.

Here's a photo of the rough attic area as Duane was starting to frame up the floor.

The house is about 50' long in this direction - he built up with nice 2X6" supports and insulated the floor. 

And I've put all kinds of "stuff" up there already....

 And here's one of my favorite parts - Duane wired it all up with nice LED lights!  The previous "hole in the ceiling" had a single bulb with a old-fashioned pull string.... very nice to have it all well-lighted!


Elizabeth said...

Wow!! I am impressed. That is a major storage area now. So nice to have good lighting there too. MOM

affectioknit said...

What an AWESOME space!