Monday, December 19, 2016

Short Busy Christmas Trip to the Mountains

First stop was at my sis's for a nice "brunch" and visit.  (Oops, got her with her mouth full, haha!)

Then it was on to Morganton to Bridget and Tyler's new house for our annual "dirty Santa" party.  Good fun and food - waaaay too much food!!

Eddie, Brittany, Connor and Lilee - such sweeties!

Lilee opening a gift.  Wow, she has grown!

Connor with his book about hummingbirds.

The kids helping great-aunt Denise with her gift.

And Robert, being his usual silly self...

Mother-daughter snap

Pretty photo of mom and Frank!

And nice one of Keith and Denise!

And the happy newlyweds!

Then it was on to visit Granny and Cordy - they were feeling a bit off with bad colds.....

As usual, I used the opportunity to snag some winter veggies from their garden!

See what I mean?  Busy short weekend!!  On to Flesher's for Grandma Hall's Christmas visit.  She's looking good for 100+!

And then it was a wet drive back home -  the only bit of sunshine made a small rainbow as we headed out of Asheville towards Black Mountain!   Lovely weekend!

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affectioknit said...

I really looks like a lot of fun! glad you were able to stop by...