Saturday, March 25, 2017

This and that

Beautiful sunrises here.....

 We've been busy!!  

Well, @#$%  flows downhill....and we measured the "fall" from the trailer to the septic tank and it wasn't enough.  So, the easiest way to fix that is to raise the trailer!  Solution is to get more gravel.    Dump truck is a phone call away....we pulled the trailer out of the way and all is well now!

Next on the to-do list is renting a "Ditch-Witch" for some trenching.  Cool toy!!

We have to trench a water line and a power line - and it totals about 400 feet!  So MUCH easier than digging all that by hand.

I was sneaky and snapped a couple of photos of Duane in action with the trencher....

Don't tell him!

Main water line dug and piping ready to be buried.

Piping at the back of the trailer with frost-proof spigot.

Starting to bury the pipe.  What a pain!!  Wish there was a machine for this part!

And that's about it!  

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Elizabeth said...

That's a lot of progress. Glad the weather is so nice for you. MOM