Monday, August 28, 2017

2-3 Australia

I'm titling this post 2-3 because it's already Tuesday morning here in Australia.  We sort of "lost" a day with the westward travel and the 14 hour time difference.  Not to worry - we'll get it back on the way home!!

Great flight from Los Angeles to Sydney - here's a photo of my "pod" for the almost 15 hour flight.  The captain says that we made excellent time an arrived a little early.

I got a good amount of sleep - maybe 6-7 hours.  The fluffy down comforter was a nice touch.
The usual "comfort items" were provided - Bose headsets, footies, eye mask, and pajamas!

And the goodness they fee you good!  This was breakfast - served about 4AM Sydney time.  (Of course I set the ham aside).  I think they just try to keep you busy bringing you food/snacks/drinks!   I read reviews of American Airlines food service and hear folks complaining....not me!  I'm actually amazed at the quality.  (note the little bottle is Baily's Irish Crème.  Good fun in the middle of the night!)

Not much to report yet - we're sitting in the Quantas lounge in Sydney waiting our final flight to Darwin in an hour.  Here's the first sight of Sydney - it was just sunrise when we arrived.  Maybe more later if I get a chance when we arrive Darwin.  We'll just have to see if jet-lag catches up with us!

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Janet said...

Looks like you're having a great time along the way. Enjoy every minute!