Saturday, August 19, 2017

End of camping season

Since we will be gone for the rest of the "hurricane season", we decided it would be best to pack it all up in Oriental and bring the Avion home.  If a hurricane were to hit the area while we're gone, the trailer would be sitting in over 5 feet of water based on the "high water mark" pinned to a tree....not a good thing!

Getting everything loaded into the pickup.

All tidied up - Duane pulls out of the driveway - I wander just a few minutes to get one last look - probably won't be back for several months!

One last walk on the dock - next time we're here we hope to approach from the sea on our catamaran!  (oops, got my finger in that photo!)

I'm driving the mini-van home trailing Duane.  We'll store it in the hangar just to keep it out of the weather since we won't be needing it anytime soon.

Busy 3 hour drive home following Duane - this is on the beltline in Raleigh.  I was trying to capture the "Heavy Traffic Monday" roadsign warnings about the upcoming eclipse....I guess I was too far away when I snapped this shot.

Trailer all snug as a bug in it's original spot in the hangar!

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Elizabeth said...

A lot of preparations getting done for your trip. Nice that everything is settled in and going according to plan. MOM