Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Late BDay Post

I know, it's been a few weeks since my birthday....but I've been busy and forgot to post this!

My lovely sis always sends me special treats for my birthday! I had to waited to open them until after our trip. Isn't it great to get LOTS of packages?

Great handmade things- apron from her vintage cloth, covered notepad, open weave dish cloth (particularly love this!! just right!!) and shopping bag.

Putting it all to good use the shopping bag! I go to a discount Food Lion grocery outlet in Asheboro that doesn't have bags - so I always carry my own. Great bag design - actually better than the normal reusable bag with sown-on handles. (Is sown-on a word? looks weird). Thanks, sis!


affectioknit said...

You're very welcome - maybe you need a couple more bags...



Joyce Mineer said...

I LOVE presents!!!! Especially LOTS of them!!!!! I hope you had a fabulous b-day!!!!! Hugs your way

Anonymous said...

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