Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My sis and her son are down for a visit. Lot's of summer fun this week!

Pat and Diane had offered us a cool dip in their pool, so off we went in the 96 degree heat! Ahh - the pool is just the right amount of cool!

Fun with the underwater camera...

"Scout" has been driving the golf cart around the airport - while my sis and I relaxed in the pool, he drove up to Gretchen's pond and took some photos of the goose and ducks.

Next, we drove into Raleigh for a quick museum tour. Rich and Miranda went with us (and Richard pretended to be enjoying himself looking at the NC Art Museum!)

Busy day!! We stopped by a new yarn shop in Apex - Downtown Knits. Great little shop, run by a lady that once worked near me wayyyy back when I worked at IBM.

By then, Scout was famished! So it was a short hop across the street to the ice cream shop. And it's his BIRTHDAY!! So, he got a cone of, what else, Birthday Cake Ice Cream!!


affectioknit said...

All so much fun!



Elizabeth said...

Glad you all are enjoying the pool, shopping and ICE CREAM. I remember taking Richard to museums and state houses in Raleigh years ago. I think he did enjoy them. I have pictures. MOM

Karen said...

oh boy!! i think you should publish those photos so we can compare!!

love, k