Friday, June 24, 2011

Cody, WY

Back to Cody, where we parked the airplane a week ago.

A friend had told me that the Buffalo Bill Museum was a "Must See". And he was absolutely correct!!

You probably know that I'm not a big history buff - didn't really know much at all about "Buffalo" Bill Cody - but the museum was fascinating. I learned a lot about the famous "showman/star" of the day.

Lots of neat Native American items, clothing, etc. A wall of Stetsons were available for modeling!

Outside I spied this plant - a border plant that my mom has at her house. Never heard it called this, though. many guns you can't imagine how many!! I tired of this quickly - after the really old guns, the displays went on and on and on with every manufacturer's lineup. Gun buffs would love this! I think I saw that there were over 3000 guns on display.

After the museum we had to see the street play - done every night outside the Irma Hotel, built by Bill Cody and named for his daughter (Irma, of course!)

A rather contrived story line about robbing a bank and a wedding ring....

Cute, though - and the price (free) was right!!!

I think we all know the ending, don't we?

Yup....somebody's gotta die!!


affectioknit said...

oooh! I think we need to go there...



Elizabeth said...

Really Great Pictures. All the views are so beautiful. I guess we'll have to go see them sometime. MOM