Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Yellowstone

Today was geyser and thermal feature day. There are several different areas in Yellowstone - amazing how different they are.

Driving south towards the "Old Faithful" area - we happened upon a elk. Cool to see them up close.

When you travel most of the way across the country, you just have to see "Old Faithful" - luckily, we arrived just 10 minutes before the predicted next eruption. Neat to have seen it - but several of the other geysers were actually more interesting.

Love, love, loved the springs and pools.

Crossed paths with some more bison - this time a bit too close!

We waited about 2 hours to see the "Grand Geyser" - well worth the wait - it was spectacular! Plus, we were allowed to be very close to this one (we were a long way from Old Faithful).

The Old Faithful Village was lovely - look at that beautiful blue sky!!

More thermal pools - we saw what seems like millions of them!

Took a hike along a beautiful stream...

More thermal pools....

And more bison on the way to our next room in the park - this time at Grant Village.

View of the Yellowstone Lake....

And this deer was grazing as we approached our room.


Sharon said...

Okay, now I am officially jealous and Buddy's in the dog house! Beautiful pictures. Looks like Yellowstone is just as beautiful as Yosemite. I'm glad the two of you are having a great time.

affectioknit said...

loved all the pics! Those springs look just like the ones we dove in on the Swanee River way back when we lived in FL...or course they weren't hot...just a beautiful bluish green like those...

Have fun!



PS - You're more than welcome to stop back by on your way back...