Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rodeo!!

While you are visiting the west, you really must see a rodeo!! Very nicely done.

Nice looking livestock - clean and fresh.

They always have a pretty girl carry the flag around the arena for the National Anthem....

Lots of tries at the team roping....not too many successes!

There was a mare and new foal in a corral also.....not sure why as neither could be used in the rodeo! It was nice to see the wobbly wee one.

Lots of photos like this - my camera just can't do long range action shots.

Cowboys getting ready for a ride.....

Lots of photos like this one too! I think there was only one successful ride - looks painful to me!!!

But, by far, this was the best event of the night. All the kids 12 and under were asked to come down out of the stands - the idea was to get the "flag" off one of 4 small steers to be let loose in the arena. Prizes were ice cream cones and milkshakes....ready, set.....


It was hilarious!! The kids were having a ball - and the steers darted here and there. All flags were eventually grabbed. Two girls and two boys won the treats. Good, semi-clean fun!!


Miranda said...

Hmm, that children's activity seems semi-dangerous! I mean, I'm sure they would never put children in danger but it still seems weird to just let them run around with steers!

affectioknit said...

Wow - that brings back you remember the rodeo that we went to with Mom and Daddy when we were about 13/15...