Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Jelly

While we were in Oriental over the weekend, we strolled through the very small farmer's market there.

I picked up a bag of "mountain" apples for a donation to a charity. Duane was standing behind me already seeing that the apples were not very good....but, what the heck, seemed like a nice charity.

I picked some McIntosh, some Romes and the "last Arkansas Black" according to the nice lady. I took a bite out of one as we were walking away....yuck! Not crisp at all.

Anyhoooo, I did take the bag home and decided to make some jelly - hadn't done that in a few years, actually.

Turns out, they were from Tennessee....maybe that was what was wrong (our NC roots showing thru!!)

Chopped 'em up....boiled them down to a thick sauce.  I left the peeling on to try to get some nice color for the jelly.

Squeezed the sauce thru my food mill to separate out the peeling.

At this point, I usually put the sauce in cheesecloth and let it sit for hours to drain out all the juice....but I didn't have any.  I did, however, have some fairly fine netting.  So, I doubled it and left the sauce sitting.

Isn't that pretty, fresh apple juice.  A little less than clear, but I kindof like my jelly more like "jam" anyway!

After the juice was mostly drained, there is just a small ball of "pulp" left.

Boiled the juice down a bit and added tons of sugar until it "sheeted" off the spoon. Into sterile I need to bake me some sourdough bread and I'll be in heaven!!!


affectioknit said...

YUM! We love apple jelly...I didn't make any this year as we still have several jars from last year...we'll probably run out before next year though...

Your jelly/jam looks lovely!



Miranda said...

If you happen to leave a tiny bit at the airport after you snack on it Thurs/Fri, I'll make sure it's looked after... ;D