Friday, December 09, 2011

Rum balls/last of an era/liquor story

This is not just any old bottle...stay with me here....

I definitely didn't drink much of this. I'm actually not a know, the red-wine gets in the way of hard-liquor-drinkin' !!!

I made my rum-balls for Christmas yesterday.

You know, crush the vanilla wafers, add powdered sugar, minced pecans, syrup and RUM.

I finished off this bottle of rum with the last batch of rum-balls.

And I was cleaning up.

And I was walking over to toss this bottle.

And I realized it was the last of "Daddy's" liquor cart.

Let me explain.  My dad was not a liquor drinker.  He often drank cheap beer after mowing the lawn, but I'm not sure I ever saw him drink liquor.

This is the way that I know the story - it may not be quite accurate....I was long gone, we were living in Boca Raton raising 2 toddlers at the time.

 It was probably 1990.  I don't think he'd been diagnosed with prostate cancer at that point.

My mom worked as an accountant at a local firm and was very friendly with her co-workers.

They invited everyone from work over for a "pool-party".

Being wonderful hosts, they got a bunch of liquor for the party.  I'm sure it was a fine party.

Most of the liquor was left over.  The party-er's must not have been liquor drinkers either.

All the liquor was stored on a cart in their den.

Then he had the nerve to leave us.

And somehow, I got a few of the bottles of liquor.  And his overcoat.  And a few special guns.  All precious.

The liquor was toted in a big Rubbermaid tote as we moved from New Hill to Apex to Pittsboro.  There were several  half gallons of various brand-name liquor.

Through the years, I've slowly used them up in various recipes and drinks.  The bottles were actually dusty with age.

The liquor stayed very fresh.  Going on 20 years.  Wow.

So, if you get a rum-ball this year.....enjoy!!  I know I will.


affectioknit said...

What an awesomely sweet story...I'm sure you're sorry to see the last of the liquor...but mmmmm...Rum Balls...



Karen said...

hey!! they're vegan!! love, k