Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring and I'm lovin' it!

I'm just loving the 80 degree spring days we're having. The "green" came on so quickly this year!

My squash, cucs and tomato plants are coming along nicely.  I'll transplant them to the garden soon - but it's a bit too wet to till the plot right now.

Here is my little "lettuce garden" on the deck - it's from a packet of left-over seeds from the fall.  I'm thinking I might start nibbling in a few days.....

And this is a whole bunch of radishes!  Last fall the deer wouldn't leave my radishes alone in the garden, so I decided that some deck-grown radishes might be in order.  Plus, if I want a salad, all I'll have to do is walk out of the kitchen and harvest!!

More signs of spring - these are clumps of hostas - and it's most amazing because at this time last year they were eaten down to nubs by the deer!  This year, I think we have the protection of a pack of coyote!  Absolutely no deer-nibbling around the house at all!

And I have lots and lots of iris ready to bloom also - and they are deer-free too this year!

And finally - here are some petunias.....and what is absolutely amazing about these petunias is that I planted them in this flowerpot in April OF LAST YEAR!!!  We had such a mild winter that they did not freeze sitting in this exact spot by the basement door all winter.  Amazing!

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