Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grafton Notch State Park, Table Rock and the B52 Bomber Wreck near Greenville, Maine

One of the locals at a store in Bethel told Lindy and I that we shouldn't miss Grafton Notch State Park and particularly a trail called Table Rock.   The trail is a side-trail off the Appalachian Trail.  Good advice!!!

Here we are at the entrance - note the "A" and the "T" - for the Appalachian Trail of course....

Yes, it is an extraordinary view!

Another challenging trail...

Beautiful view - we're nowhere near the top yet....

A good warning!

View behind the "drop off" sign.

We sure picked some steep trails (I'm sure there are steeper ones!!)

At the top!

Lindy taking a water break.

By the time we had made the loop around Table Rock and headed East, we were ready for a light lunch....we were passing thru a very small town - Mexico, Maine....and spied this sign.  Of course, we had to eat there!  Nothing special except the name!

Did I mention that we were always on the lookout for MOOSE?  We must have seen a thousand Moose Crossing warning signs.  My neck hurt from turning to see if there was a moose in the distance while driving....never did we see more than a warning sign.  I think they lie.

Next up was a planned visit to the site of a B52 bomber wreck that has been preserved in the woods near Greenville/Moosehead Lake.   The site is maintained by a group of volunteers and the paper company that owns the land is reserving the land for that purpose.

It's a somber site - on Elephant Mountain.   2 officers survived and 7 perished in the in-flight structural breakup of the aircraft on a training mission.

As best we could understand, the wreckage was given back to the group of volunteers and they replaced it at the actual crash site.

Leaving the area, we were treated to a brilliant sunset across Moosehead Lake....I must get a better camera because this photo does not do it justice!!!

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Gorgeous should have seen moose in ND...