Saturday, October 12, 2013

More Maine Touring

Continuing our free-spirited tour of Maine we headed out for some more hiking further south.

Hiked trails at Camden Hills State Park to the over-look of the quaint little town of Camden.

After hiking down another trail, everyone napped....

Thought this big boulder was worth a photo....just perched on a fairly steep hill.  I would not want to be below when this thing next decides to roll!

Reid State Park was next on our tour.  Beautiful coast line!

Apparently this is the right time of year to visit because we were the only ones in sight!

Along the shoreline, someone (kids maybe) had built a little "structure" out of driftwood.  Dick and Lindy posed, joking that this would be their "summer home".....

Discussing something important, I'm sure....

We used up all available quarters to view the shoreline looking for moose!

Ended the day in the quaint little town of Bath.

Last up for the day was a yummy ice cream treat!

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affectioknit said...

Beautiful scenery!