Monday, October 14, 2013

Maine and into New Hampshire

On to Kennebunk!  Just wanted to see the town since we were so close.

Beautiful little canals - the tide here is tremendous - 12 feet or more.   You could see the water rushing out of the canal.

We did pass by the Kennebunkport home of the Bush family.  It was impressive off in the distance on a cliff overlooking  the sea.

But New Hampshire and the White Mountains were calling us!

We made our way on some back roads enjoying the scenery - to the entrance of the White Mountain National Forest.  Here's what the Ranger Station looked like:

There were some beautiful flowers near the station!

The National Forest was not blocked off since several normal highways cross thru it.  We traveled thru the Forest to the Crawford Notch State Park for a little hiking.

No little rainshower was going to keep us off the trails!   We picked a trail called "Frankenstein Cliffs".  We really just pulled off into a parking are, donned our ponchos and headed off.  The trail markers read that the "loop" was about 5 miles.

Wet but beautiful start.

It was very steep in places....the "cliff" in the name of the trail should have been a clue, haha.

Hard to capture the perspective, but it was a sharp grade!

Close to the top of the ridge.

And here is the "spectacular view" that we were greeted with at the top of the cliff.  If the fog had lifted, we would have been treated to a beautiful view of the surrounding colorful mountains.   We were pretty tired and damp at this point (several hours hiking to this point)!

From here, we drove a short way, actually into Vermont - staying in St. Johnsbury for the night.  (We had no reservations, we just found hotels as the evening came upon us!)

Starting out the next morning, we found this pretty view.

Since the morning  had  SO much better visibility, we decided to make the quick trip back to where we hiked yesterday to see a little of what we is what Frankenstein Cliffs looks like.  Spectacular!   Now I can imagine the view we would have seen if not for the fog!!

And it's amazing that we hiked to the very top of this little hill in the rain!

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affectioknit said...

Really beautiful rainy pics...send 'em to Nat Geo...