Saturday, June 03, 2017

A little fun in Oriental

Just some random stuff at Oriental.

The mimosa tree right at our dock -

Love those delicate flowers!

I was laying on the hammock and I heard a little "rustling" underneath was our friendly turtle making a bee-line (at a pretty good pace!) towards the water.

I've been fishing a good bit - but not catching anything!  Oh well.  The water is really warm - making a good environment for these jellyfish.

Mesmerizing to watch them slowly pulse along.

Went for a long bike ride - here we're at Point Marina - looking across brown creek at our dock!  Funny to see it from a different perspective.

And last - I can't remember if I posted a picture with the awning installed.   Here we are, snug as a bug!


Elizabeth said...

Now, that's a really nice set-up. Weather looks great too, just like here. MOM

affectioknit said...

Sweet turtle...Love the awning and the pretty mimosa...