Thursday, June 08, 2017

More Oriental fun

We are hit-and-miss on cycling this week.  Even though the rest of the state has had fairly nice weather, the coast has been a bit rainy.

But we did another long bike ride- this time we decided to turn off on every little side road and explore!  Unfortunately, my Garmin fitness tracker ran out of battery before we completed the loop.....Duane's tracker says the total mileage was fun ride!  Again, we did a bit of stopping and wandering around docks so the time is not "all riding".  I just thought the pattern of all our sideroads was cool.

Here's one of the docks we stopped at -  it's right across Brown Creek from our dock!

The view across the "creek" to our dock....they call them creeks down the mountains, this would definitely be a river!

And almost home, one of our neighbors chickens apparently "flew the coup"!


Lulu said...

nice place i love the coast of any place..
have a great weekend

affectioknit said...

That looks like a long bike though...