Friday, June 16, 2017

Driveway improvement

Our driveway at Oriental is just a bit too narrow - the dump trucks have had difficulty making the sharp turn. 

So we decided we should add an extra 4' piece of concrete pipe to make the driveway just a bit wider.  

We hauled the pipe all the way from Fuquay-Varina!  I had called all around in the New Bern area.  Strange, but it was really hard to find the small concrete pipe we needed.

Duane dug out the area needed for the pipe installation.  Keep in mind that ditches down here are a bit different from ditches in the mountains.  Ditches really don't have any "flow" - there is not "downhill".  Basically, it's all level and the water just ponds up in the ditch and eventually it just seeps away thru the ground.

We pulled the 400 lb pipe off the back of the pickup using chains.

Pipe mated up with the existing concrete pipe.   We used a come-along (attached to the pickup's bumper)  to pull it slowly into place.  Then we shoveled very fine ground stone around it to lock it in place.

Then much stone was shoveled in place to finish it up.

And  now the turn into the drive way is not so sharp!

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Elizabeth said...

Nice job. We are planning a new culvert for the ditch at the garden. Hope it goes as smoothly as yours. MOM