Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pilings moved to accommodate a catamaran

 Our new dock has two boat slips - one on each side of the dock.  They are only wide enough for a monohull sailboat - about 18' wide.

Our next door neighbor Rick had long ago hired a local marine contractor to do a repair at his dock.  He told us about it and encouraged us to "piggy-back" on his repair since they would already be up in the area.  It's apparently hard to get them to move their barge to you for small amounts of work.

So, within a few weeks they showed up to do our work!   We were not there, but Rick sent us lots of photos as they were doing the work so we could follow along!

This is definitely not a "do it yourself" operation!!!   We needed two pilings pulled up and moved out to make the slip 30' wide.  Plus, we wanted the extra security of an extra piling mid-way, so we had them add a completely new one.

The barge with the equipment - pulling out one of the pilings - they're about 15-20 feet underwater and about 10 feet above water.

And putting it back in the wider configuration.  Rick said they were being meticulous about having them plumb and true (note the worker with the level on the other side of the piling).

Cool process -

The view from Rick's dock.

Sorry we missed seeing them do the work, but glad it's done!


affectioknit said...

An amazing process for sure...do they make all that whamming noise putting them back in...by slamming down on top of the pilings...or is it soft and they just push them in?



Karen said...

yes, it's very noisy!!!

Elizabeth said...

That's a lot of work but got to have enough room for the catamaran. Helpful neighbor you have there. MOM