Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Back! More St. Kitts

We are happy at the St. Kitts dock with air conditioning and easy access to the boat. So another day was spent touring St. Kitts.

We hired "Junie" with his minivan to drive us around the much larger St. Kitts island. So, 9AM sharp we set out for our adventure. We drove thru lots of little neighborhoods - true to the image I've always had of the Caribbean.

Beautiful plants all around. I'm sure it takes lots of effort - but it looks like it just grows this way unattended.

Junie drove us to the top of "Brimstone Hill" - a fort from long ago.

We toured the interesting ruins - Sharon caught me being a bit silly....

All the school children wear uniforms - a neat custom...

Gorgeous "black rocks" - the photo doesn't do it justice - the water was sooooo blue.

Lunch was at a beach bar - I spied Pat getting a message from a local character. Some sort of con - to start with....but Pat turned it into a fun episode, of course!

Silly shot of Dick and Lindy - doesn't Dick look lovely with Lindy's purse?? Nice legs, Dick.

Getting ready for dinner out.

Couple photos - everybody groans when I pick up the camera now!

Except Buddy when he can get a girl on each side, of course!

We had a nice meal out - Sharon received a special gift from her beau....she'll have to post about that herself!! On to St. Eustatia next....

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affectioknit said...

More and more fun! The fort looks awesome...