Thursday, May 20, 2010

St. Barthelemy Sailing

The time has come to leave St. Martin! Moorings requires that one of their Captains pilot the boat out of the very tight marina.

Once out of the marina, the Moorings Captain leaves the boat - while another pilot boat "leads the way" out a very tricky channel. This photo does not do it justice! It was a narrow, rock channel. I'm glad they do this service!! It would be bad to start your vacation with a damaged boat!!

After a lively little sail, be stopped at small island that is part of St. Barts - Ile Fourche. It has a lovely secluded bay that was calm compared to the rough seas we had on the short passage.

We anchored and had a nice lunch - then several of us went for a little snorkle onto shore.

Not much on shore except some cool vegitation - and alot of sea glass!! I could have spent hours looking, but I forgot to put sun screen on and felt that I couldn't stay out long.

On the way back, Duane saw something on the bottom (about 15 ft) that he wanted to see up close - so he dives down to look -- I can't do this - it hurts my ears - plus I can't hold my breath very long.

Back on the boat and a short sail on over to St. Barthelemy.

A beautiful little French town - Gustavia is the capital. Duane had to clear customs for all of us before we could go on shore. He had a little "commedy of errors" - first he took all the documents, passports, etc. and cash to pay for the entrance fees. Turns out they only take Euros or credit he got in the dinghy to come back to the boat - and the motor dies halfway thru the anchorage! He does everything he can to get it started, but it won't. Luckily, he drifted near someone else's boat and they started up their dinghy and towed him back to our boat. So, Pat and Duane worked on the motor a bit - and they both went back to shore to customs....that task accomplished - on their way back - the dinghy motor died again! Nothing they could find would re-start it. And we all know they're pretty good mechanics....Again - they got a tow back to our boat. We called Moorings and they sent someone who repaired it. So far, so good!

A really lovely little town.

There was a trans-atlantic race that had sailed in recently. Cool boats.

Crowded little streets, but neat and tidy.

Had drinks at a little French "cheeseburger in paradise" place (that sounds a little contradictory doesn't it??)

Off to the Federation of Nevis tomorrow!!


affectioknit said...

Of course that all looks like FUN ! What was on the bottom?



Miranda said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! Was the plant you saw a Century plant? It sort of looks like one. I know they have them in Florida but not sure if they're there as well... Century plants grow to be super-huge like a tree!

Anyway, keep having a good time and keep putting up pictures when you can! =)