Friday, May 28, 2010

Last of the St. Martin Sailing Trip

Anguilla is beautiful!!! Almost no tourists to be seen. A couple of boys playing with wooden sailboats in the crystal clear water at Road Bay.

Diane and Pat wanted to go to Blanchard's - a fancy restaurant that we all had read a book about. (OK, mostly Diane wanted to go, but Pat was a sport...)

The rest of us went to Elvis's Beach bar. No, not the King - but Elvis from Anguilla!

Amazingly, we spied the same lady that we had seen days earlier in Nevis! She's just island hopping on her own.

Elvis posed with all of us behind his bar. Had wonderful fresh snapper sandwiches on the beach by moonlight.

The next morning, Dick made something that sounds a little weird - pickled herring, eggs and rum. Fabulous!!

Wandered around Anguilla - mostly looking for a grocery to restock some supplies. We were finally successful. Back to the boat to head back to St. Martin. The trip seemed to accelerate at this point! Running out of time!

Anchored in the bay at Marigot - the French side capital. A little more "touristy" than where we have been so far. Got ushered in to a couple of little restaurants on the main drag for lunch.

Great meals - again surprisingly inexpensive - about $10 per plate!

More fun in the dinghy....

Next we took a short motor up to Grand Case - another more touristy place....but fun. Went to Calmos Cafe - a little beach bar. Nice sign - a different take on the No Shirt No Shoes No Service....

Dinner that night was at a little street restaurant that they call LoLos. This plate was $8 US and one dollar beers. Amazing. I don't mean for it to sound like we're cheap'o's ....but the food was fantastic, the setting fabulous - I'm still amazed!

Here is the "kitchen"....these ladies worked hard!! And were so cheerful and helpful!

See how all this vacationing is hard work???

See, what did I tell you - hard work!!

Oh,,,,almost is the entrance channel back into Moorings. Uneventful flights home! Now to the next adventure!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I will try your 'all in one post' but have sure enjoyed each one. You do seem to eat a lot but I guess we all do 3 times a day. Meals do look very good. Welcome Home. See you soon. MOM

Miranda said...

The food looks delicious and all your guys' beach clothes are so cute! I especially liked Diane's fancy beach dress! =)

Sorry I wasn't able to go to the party tonight; I couldn't get off work in time and now my mom is having me hang out with her. See you later though (perhaps tonight if you're awake/home)!

affectioknit said...

Hey K,

That was a long post - but nice to see the whole trip all together...