Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oualie Beach, Nevis

Approaching Nevis we went thru a little rain - and saw a beautiful full rainbow!

Duane and I went into the capitol city - Charlestown - to clear customs. A very frustrating 2.5 hours Customs - then Immigration (blocks away) - then back to the Port Authority - then back to Customs....but all is well and we'll move away from Charlestown to a beautiful bay - Oualie Beach.

Had a great meal at the Oualie Beach Resort. I had a great Chicken Roti - a Indian spiced tortilla wrapping a mixture of veggies and chicken. Served with chutney and hot sauce.

Pat chatted up the locals, as usual....
Neat, almost deserted beach bar.

We were going to go on a hike, but the local divemaster told us that there really weren't any places that we could actually go (even though the guide map said there was)....while we were debating, a taxi van pulled into the parking lot. Pat investigated and found that we could get an island tour for just $10 each! So, we all hopped in the van and away we went!!

Our driver was nicknamed "Teach" - I had actually read about him on the internet before we came down - lucky to find him out of all the taxis! He was a TERRIFIC tour guide! (A former teacher - and it showed in his knowledge of the island.)

He took us to several old sugar plantations that have now been turned into extremely expensive resorts.
I'll just let you page thru and take the tour with me!!

One of the last stops was a hot spring that the locals use to bathe. It apparently is warmed from the volcanic activity still in the island. It was actually TOO hot - just a short hop in left your feet tingley and red.

The best $10 each spent in a long time!!

Back to the boat for more relaxing of course. Time for hamburgers on the charcoal grill. (Turkey for me, of course). Very yummy!

Pat had lost his only lure after he caught the mahi-mahi (a really big one got away!!!) While he was at the Oualie Beach Resort, he was chatting with a fellow at the bar. The fellow volunteered to make him a new lure. Ture to his word, Pat went back later and picked it up. Neat - we hope to fish on our next big sail!

In for the night and a big game of Rummy - no Karen didn't win!


affectioknit said...

Of course it all looks like great fun!



Elizabeth said...

That is all very beautiful and everyone looks so relaxed and enjoying themselves. Love the pictures. MOM