Friday, May 21, 2010

Sailing on to Nevis

I won't talk about the sail over from St. Barts to Nevis other than to say that it was a little wild! Ten foot seas, 25 knot+ winds, up and down the rolling seas!

In the midst of that - Pat hooked a fish!!

It was exactly the fish we had told him we wanted!!! A beautiful Mahi Mahi!! It was a truely beautiful fish! Interesting to see the colors change as he perished....

Duane and Pat made quick work of the fileting in some pretty rough seas. Wow, the filets were huge!!

Approaching Nevis the seas leveled out a bit and everyone was a little happier!
Yep, relaxed!!!

Approaching Nevis....near Charlestown - we had to raise the"Q" (quarantine) flag and stay on board until the following morning when customs opened.

More relaxing getting ready to cook our fish!

See what I mean about relaxing?

Fun in the galley.

I believe this is the biggest fillet I've ever handled. A bit of butter and seasoning - the grill is hot!

Pat the master griller!


Sharon made some yummy rice pilaf - we had the fixings for a nice salad and homemade dressing, grilled a fresh pineapple. Wow. Wonderful. Never tasted better!

Coffee set up for the morning!!


affectioknit said...

Coffee looks good!



Miranda said...

Haha, looks delicious!

And Dan Brown's Deception Point - I love that book! =)

Ginger Cookies and a Good Book said...

Luke wants to know if y'all have been to the beach with the jets flying RIGHT over yet?!

P.S. I guess Buddy & Sharon aren't meeting us at O'Cools to night, huh?

Karen said...

Cute Miranda! I told dick and Lindy you liked there book! Hope all is well with Richie rich. Haven't heard from him of course! Hey Jeannine. Buddy and Sharon will see you next week! They're OURS for a few more days!

Karen said...

Oops. Sorry should have been. They're. Hard to type on iPod

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