Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm stealing this from my sis's blog.

Amy at MomAdvice is having a Contest

She is giving away a $500 WalMart gift card. The contest is sponsored by Nickelodeon and Walmart and you have to leave a money saving tip in the comments.

Go do it - pretty easy way to try for $500! Interesting blogs also!


affectioknit said...

What fun - there were a ton of crafty contests yesterday - I hope I win one - did you see Amy's Harry Potter giveaway and enter that one too?



Karen said...

yeah, i'll do that one too - i just got distracted....rob would love that one!

love, k

Miranda said...

Hey Karen!

I must say... Instead of studying for my Latin exam, I spent the last half-hour or so going through all your old posts and saving all the adorable pictures of your younger son to my computer. You are a wonderful photographer; you always happen to take the shot at exactly the right time. That being the case, you always manage to capture me when I look relatively decent - so for that I thank you! You and Mr. McCraw sure do a lot of interesting things (aka - China!). Hope to see you again really soon and thanks again for the Thanksgiving trip, I had a great time!