Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visit home for Christmas

We had a nice, but short, trip home for Christmas.

The weather was nasty, so we were not able to fly. We were hampered a bit by Robert's work schedule, so we drove to Mom's house Saturday night late.

Our get together was at Trudi and Eddie's house for a Christmas Breakfast and then the "Chinese Christmas" present exchange. We had a good time - just a few people "stole" gifts from each other. After some after-game bargaining, I think everyone left with the right gift.

Here are some photos that highlight the event:

Me and Denise -

Duane and I - something was funny - not sure what!

There was a pile-on for Keith and his family...

Then we asked the kids to sit for a photo-op, but Robert decided he needed to squash me!

All the Grandkids (except the man-cub, of course...boo-hooo)

Eddie, Trudi and Eddie II

And the heads of the family - Mom and Frank!

After we left Eddie and Trudi's house, we went to visit Granny and Cordy for a short while. They're doing fine - went out for a nice meal. Good to see them, but we had to head back to Pittsboro to have Robert back for work!!

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affectioknit said...

Of course that all looks like a lot of fun - sorry we missed it!