Monday, December 29, 2008

A little teak refinishing at the boat

We're down in Oriental for the week on the boat. We've got a couple of chores to do - then hopefully we'll sail over to Ocracoke for New Years Eve.

Duane's doing important work like replacing the water pump and adding an accumulator tank (I think it helps not to scald us when we take showers, etc.).

I had noticed that the teak seats were peeling - after a thorough refinish 2 years ago, no less! What a pain. If I ever get to order a new boat, it will have NO teak!!

Here's one of the seats this morning. I thought I could just buff them and re-paint the varnish...but NOOOOOO! I ended up having to sand them completely down to the wood. I was not happy - no power sander (just Karen-power sander hahaha).

Late in the afternoon, a finished seat. Lucky - it's about 75 degrees today. Tomorrow is not so nice - so I'm glad I got this done today.

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affectioknit said...

Very nicely done! - wax on wax off...