Sunday, December 07, 2008

Large Qty Potato Salad and Cookout!

I volunteered to make a large quantity of potato salad for a friend's get-together this weekend....
he runs a local business that sells/delivers mulch, gravel, sand, etc. Every year he does a "customer appreciation" cook-out - but it's also just 100-200 friends that come by to enjoy the holiday season! I digress....

Potato salad. Started with two twenty pound bags of russet potatoes. Duane helped me peel them, thank you very much! (I will admit that I got thru my bag early and helped him with his....but I'm sure I've peeled 99.8 times as many potatoes as him...but I'm certainly not one to complain to those helping me!)

Potatoes dumped in the sink for washing:

I don't have too many big pots these days, so this was the best I could manage. Instead of salt I added chicken base (thanks bro)! Makes the potatoes salty and gives them a neat flavor at the same time!

On to prep work for the other ingredients. I took a quart jar of bread-and-butter pickles from the cupboard and chopped them up. Then a bundle of green onions. Ditto.

Boiled a bunch of eggies. With a cup of vinegar - my Heloise trick to make them peel easy. Works!

Potatoes removed from boiling water before they got too mushy!!

All the eggies sliced up with my neat egg slicer.

Secret ingredients - white vinegar and sugar. Shhhshhh about the sugar!

MayOnaise...two quarts actually!

I mixed it in two separate batches because it was just too much to stir at one time. So the ingredients are: (quantity doesn't matter too much!)

Salt (chicken base)
Yellow mustard

Finished product in turkey roaster pans ready to chill and take to the cookout!

I forgot to mention that I also signed up to cook hushpuppies at the cookout. So, I took my turkey fryer (thank you very much Mom and Frank for that Xmas gift a few years ago.) Set it up at the back of the pig-cooker with peanut oil and House of Autry Onion Hushpuppy mix. I think I made 10 one pound bags of mix. I had people hanging around for the next batch to get ready so they could have a sizzling fresh one. Very good, I might add.

Everyone had a great (but chilly) time and NO-ONE left hungry!


affectioknit said...

That looks like a lot of fun - that's a lot of potato salad...



Elizabeth said...

Good Job! It has been cold for your get-togethers. Same here. E

~ Denise ~ said...

I think you should be donned with the "Potato Queen" crown. My, oh my, that's a LOT of potato salad! the descriptions of food. ....I think I need to go get a snack now.