Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OOPS! Another one bites the dust!

Nobody got hurt! And the plane isn't hurt very badly either! This is one of our local planes. They were doing some training and the gear indicator lights were not giving them the "three greens" that means the landing gear is down and locked. After a good bit of discussion over the radio, the pilot decided to go on and land. He did a wonderful job - landed very "softly". But on the rollout, the nose gear didn't hold and the plane came to a rest on the grass beside the runway.

The mechanic was right here, so he just hoisted the nose up and manually locked the gear. Then they just towed it back to the hangar for repair.

Don't worry too much - they had insurance and all they'll have to do is inspect the engine, replace the propeller and repair the nose wheel. The landing was so good, there wasn't even much sheet metal damage.

This morning, one of the pilots had left a little note for the owner: (if you can't read it - it just says "ouch")


affectioknit said...

OUCH is right - even with insurance I'm sure it's going to be expensive...

So glad no one was hurt!



~ Denise ~ said...

Talk about excitement on the job, Karen...sheesh! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Glad it wasn't worse. E