Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Play with friends!

We went to see a play! Lots of fun, actually - A Christmas Carol. Here we are in the basement getting ready to leave. Miranda snapped this nice photo.

We first stopped over at Dick and Lindy's for a little pre-play refreshment. Here is Diane and Pat.

Duane and Lindy being silly.

Dick and Lindy.

This was the first time any of us had been to the new Durham Performing Arts Center. This was the walkway between the old tobacco warehouses that they have re-furbished into restaurants and condos. Very neat. (And eco-friendly, I understand).

The DPAC building. Hard to see, but there is a spotlight out front that is quite captivating. During intermission, we looked out and saw rain droplets falling in the spotlight. Very pretty - and I expect that snow or sleet would be very pretty also.

The door greeter - he was so cheerful, I had to snap a photo!

The play was great, of course....although we all knew the story. They threw in some light-hearted political jabs like having beggars with GM, FORD, and CHRYSLER signs approach Ebenezer Scrooge looking for a "handout" ("bailout"). Scrooge, of course, denied their requests!!!

I was particularly thrilled to get to see this play because my friend, John Shearer, acts/sings in this play every year. You may remember a post from early in the summer - he joined us for a sail on our boat. Here is the photo from that trip. He is truely "Big John" with a booming baratone voice.

Here he is as "Christmas Present". He dwarfed everyone on the stage....sorry for the ridiculus pun!


affectioknit said...

What fun!!! Every year we watch the Allistair Sims version B&W and the Albert Finney musical version - You know what a Dickens fan I am anyway and I love the Christmas Story!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had fun with your friends. You mentioned Miranda. Did they go with you? E

Karen said...

hey t & mom, no, miranda and richard didn't want to go with us old-fogies! she just snapped the photo as we were getting ready to leave. they stayed at home and flew his new r/c plane...yeah....sure ;-)