Friday, September 09, 2011

Fuel Pump Paint Makeover at Siler City Airport

I've been meaning for a while to spruce up the fuel pump at Siler City Airport. It's just gotten a bit rusty over the years. Here's the "before" photo from the back of the pump.

I first used a pressure washer and blew off any loose paint/rust.  Then I painted it with trusty Rust-o-leum "Rusty Metal Primer" - then top-coated with gloss white (also Rust-o-leum).  It's not perfect, but should help protect it for a few more years!

Similar views of the front of the pump "before":

And after....I think it looks a good bit better (as long as you don't look too close!)


affectioknit said...

GEEEORRGEEEOUSSSS! I love stuff like that!



Miranda said...

I came in on Saturday morning and was really surprised by how white the pump was! I couldn't remember what it looked like before but I knew something was different!

It looks really great! Now if only we can whip the jet pump into shape...

Karen said...

speaking of the jet pump, I have a job for YOU!!!

Karen said...

(meaning i have a paint brush and a bucket of paint.....)