Monday, September 05, 2011

Join me for our little mini-Labor Day vacation to Myrtle Beach

Since Ocracoke is still closed to visitors, we had to head south for our Labor Day weekend....Buddy and Sharon joined us in Myrtle Beach.  We got a terrific deal on a very nice condo in the same complex we spent last Thanksgiving with the McCraws.

No real plans, just wandering and relaxing. Wandering on the boardwalk.  Friday almost deserted.  By Saturday evening this same spot was wall-to-wall people!  No recession here!

Since one of us is named Marvin.....we had to enjoy a meal at their namesake!!

Yes, every one loves Marvin. 

How's this for a healthy meal??  It was fresh and yummy and inexpensive!!  No, it's not all mine!!!

We contemplated a few of the "rides"....but opted instead just to watch and keep our $50 in our pockets....the 60 second thrill rides just seemed to cost a tad to much for our tastes.

Enjoyed some of the "caution" some of these.....I don't think we would be allowed on the ride anyway!!  (especially the "undiciplined people" notice....and a few more, but we won't say which....)

Duane resting a bit.  We took every opportunity to relax!

Many strolls down the beach too!

Probably hard to see, but it was fun watching the guys playing in the sand with their young kids.

Went to Boardwalk on Broadway for some afternoon entertainment.  Always something interesting going on there.

At a restaurant Buddy found a sign that he liked - thought he could trade his wife for his bill!!

Silly stools - I thought the pink pokadots went terrific with the lime green shirt!!

Somehow, the guys convinced Sharon and I to "ride the bulls"....Sharon is about 20 feet away riding a similar bull.  I'm not showing you her photo because I'm only going to embarrass myself here.  Really.  Embarrassing.  And Painful!  We are definitely too old for this!!

If you look close, you can see the ending of the ride.  Ugly.  And I'm sore now.  Guess I should have put that on my bucket list so it could be crossed off now. 

And of course, there had to be oysters.  Lots and Lots and Lots of oysters.  I'm the only one in the group that eats them....but they were kind enough to interrupt all the bull-riding fun and take me to Shucker's for the all-you-can eat oyster roast.   Yum, I enjoyed 2 1/2 buckets worth.  The little waitress seemed truly amazed - said something like

"really, that's the most I think I've ever seen anyone eat - it's always the tiny ones that can eat the most!"

Cool - I like her.  She called me tiny!

More beach walking - beautiful day!!  Looking north from Pier one was catching much....

Looking south from the pier.  Lots of family fun at Myrtle Beach!

Sharon and Buddy - so sweet!!

The vacation is about over - went to play the silly trivia game at a local pub - you play with these little handsets.  My "name" was RED2.

Just wanted to share - I won a round!!!  Really, we all won a round, but this is the World of Karen, so it's the one I'm showing!!!

And that's all, folks!!!  We left early for a rainy flight back home.  We're pretty good at the relaxing vacation - but I'm always eager to practice....

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What a fun weekend!