Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing much going on here....more pretty flowers though!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We had a good day at the Asheboro airport yesterday....3 business jets - and they all took fuel. Makes up for a few rainy days!!

The "Ninety-nines" are a group of lady pilots that volunteer to paint compass roses at local airports across N.C. This past weekend, they painted the rose at Siler City. The compass rose is used to align the compass in the airplane. (When you install a new compass, it's not calibrated due to magnetic interference. You use the compass rose on the ground to align your plane in all the different directions.) This can be done with a simple "X" marked on the ground, but it's just really cool to have one painted like this!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

OK, so I'm not getting a new mower!!

Duane, being the resourceful person that he is....has fixed my old mower.

The engine came off & he replaced a seal - otherwise, it was in good shape. So, for about $20, we're back mowing again!

I guess my dreams of hydraulic steering will have to wait for the next breakdown.

Love, K

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring is just a wonderful time, isn't it? I lost a few plants to the "big freeze" over Easter weekend, but most everything is doing just fine. Here is the flower bed that is under a pin-oak tree in the back yard. On the left is a plant Denise gave me - a variety of sedum, I believe - and in the middle are hosta's from Mom's garden.

Here is another photo of the "mystery bulbs" - looks like two blooms are all I'm going to get out of them this year. The greenery is healthy - so I assume we'll have a good show next year - they're planted in good soil.

The hibiscus that I transplanted is coming up - I do believe it is kin to a weed! (This is also a Denise gift, although I think Mom toted it down to me several years ago.) You can see the "woody" growth left over from last year. The plants looked dead when I dug them a month or so ago. Since they're so tall, they will do well at the back border of the garden.

The "red hot pokers" are in bloom - for some reason, I thought they were a summer blooming plant....maybe the freeze shocked them somehow.

There was a question posted in our local paper about the "pesky wild violets" - asking the gardening editor how to get rid of them.....I think they're lovely. I assume this is what they're referring to... We've got several patches of them at the borders of our lawn. Don't know why I've never noticed them before.

And lastly, I thought I'd include a photo of our Goldie - she's showing her age rapidly now. She still appears to be comfortable, but she's stone deaf! We've told the kids to watch out for her on the driveway - she only appears to "feel" you driving up close to her. Before, she would not let me get close to her with the camera without running away (I think the camera makes a "whine" that the dogs can hear.) She slept thru me taking several shots...peaceful anyway!

Take care!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wow - it was windy here yesterday! I haven't seen wind like that since the last hurricane....

Here is the latest on my coffee beans. They have been sitting is a bright window sill for a couple of weeks now. Almost ready to remove the "husk". Then next will be roasting....better be one fine cup of coffee!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally got the photos from our Easter Ocracoke weekend is the gang for an impromtu photo at one of our favorite hangouts....the Pelican.

Then here is a "better" shot - only problem with this one is that Buddy is somehow missing! Different dog visible also....that's one of the neat things about Ocracoke - it's very pet-friendly. Lot's of the places have areas/tables that you can take the pups.

This little bar, the Pelican, has the usual "ring toss" game, darts, and Friday night this fellow named Jamie sings. He usually has Mark, the harmonica player with him (you can see him in the background). Sometimes, he has people join him to sing - like one of the Greatful Dead singers! This lady (don't know her name) was obviously very professional - lovely voice. It's a great time- we've been there 5 or 6 times now....

As you might recall, it was a COOOOLLDDDD Easter! We bundled up and road our bikes a good bit. Pat and Diane had driven down (we flew with Buddy and Sharon), so we had their mini-van for several late-night dinners.

This is a pic of me and A.D. waiting outside a little trinket shop. Somehow, the shop owners don't want your pets inside......

And here's Pat under the table with A.D. It was obviously a good time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, I can't seem to make the link at the right for the video, here is a link that should take you to the video. May take a while to load...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Please ignore the video links until T can figure out how to get Robert's video posted!!! I've been trying for a good while to get this right, and I've finally given up....the videos you see are just random videos that happen to be named the EXACT same thing that the video I posted for Robert's band concert....I have the FAITH that my sis can fix this!!

Remember the coffe tree/bush? Well, this is all the "cherries" we "harvested"....I've read about how to dry them and remove the outside "husks". Then it will be a short roast - and then our very small cup of coffee! I'll let you know how NC Coffee tastes!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here is a photo of the "mystery" bulbs. I still don't know what they are - sort of looks like a daffodil, but I'm not quite sure yet. Ideas? I only put them in the ground a few weeks ago, so I'm shocked that they are up and blooming at all this year. We'll know soon!