Sunday, June 30, 2013

BVI Bareboat Sailing Trip Part 9 - last day!

We usually hire taxi's to get around on Tortola....but this time we decided to try a rental van instead. Cecil did the "driving on the wrong side of the road" honors.

For our last night, the group stayed at two different hotels. 

I snapped this photo of Sharon at the DaLoose Mongoose bar just because I thought it looked cool with all the different shades of green!

A colorful group!  We bid Lindy and Dick farewell here and we left for our hotel.

Sharon and I took a stroll down to Josiah's Bay - I, of course, had to get a photo of the livestock!

The other three couples stayed at the Tamarind Club....adequate for the one night.  A little "sketchy" for more than that!  Looks lovely in the photo, but is actually a little run-down.

A long travel day the next day - home before 2am!  A lovely trip!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

BVI Bareboat Sailing Part 8

The trip is almost over!!  Amazing how quick time flies!

For the last night on the boat - we headed to the West End of Tortola - to Soper's Hole.

We spent some time at Soper's - we kidded Cecil for ingesting a beer and an ice cream cone at the same time!

Back to the boat! We had dinner at the new "Fish n Lime" restaurant. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

BVI Sailing Bareboat Part 7

Next stop - Jost Van Dyke!   Wandered around on shore during daylight....

Cecil having a little fun...

Later back to Foxy's for a good island-style meal and a little dancing!

The next morning we motored to the next bay over - White Bay for a little fun!

We went on another "walk"...well, actually, just Buddy, Lindy and myself went for a walk.

Neat banana tree....

Don't know what this one is!

We decided to walk up to the "top of the hill" - quite a steep hill!!!

The view from halfway up!

View from the top - lovely!!  Our boat is one of those white dots!

If you noticed these piles of rocks - we think they may be left by some "geo-caching" people.

The walk down the hill was about as bad as the walk up!!

This huge aloe plant reminded me of the "Little Shop of Horrors"!

Later, we brought the dinghy back for some typical White Bay fun - visiting the Soggy Dollar Bar...

And a few Bushwhacker drinks at the One Love bar.

Waiting on our "chariot" (the dinghy)....

And more relaxing while underway!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

BVI Sailing Bareboat Part 6

We started the day with a sail back to Spanish Town for a dive at the "Aquarium".  A neat shallow dive, aptly named, with huge numbers of fish.  Since it was a shallow dive, we were able to stay down for over 45 minutes!

Short video of all the fish!!

Carolyn and Cecil relaxing underway.

So, we're really getting spoiled.....there was a special deal at a brand new "5 Star" resort - Scrub Island.  It was not finished last time we were in BVI.   Dockage 1/2 price....we decided to enjoy....

Beautiful two-level pool and swim-up bars.

Everyone relaxed around the resort.

Brother and sis relaxing before dinner.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BVI Sailing Bareboat Part 5

Next we had a nice sail up to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda....destination Leverick Bay. We were treated to a dock at the marina - and ended up deciding to stay two nights.  It's nice to be able to occasionally be at a dock with the ability to come/go as you please!

Joking with Lindy - she's not a beer drinker....but we had put some other beverage in a beer bottle so that she could carry it with her and throw the bottle away on shore.

The view of Leverick Bay resort from the dock.

Some of us decided to take a dinghy ride all the way (about 2 miles) to some visit some of the other resorts in the North Sound.  Shortly after departing Leverick Bay - a nice little rainstorm overtook us!  Soaking wet - we all took it in stride!

In the middle of the rainstorm, Carolyn hit her sunglasses and a lens popped out....luckily we found it in the bottom of the dinghy!

We wandered about - here is Carolyn posing with the lovely wooden statues at the Bitter End Yacht Club.

We took a hike on the trail over to Biras Creek - another high-end resort.  This iguana was one of about 4 huge lizards that ambled across the road in front of us.

Neat fruit tree on the trail.

Beautiful secluded bay at the Biras Creek resort.

Then we took the dinghy over to the Saba Rock resort.  Lovely grounds....

The ride back to the boat was much drier!!