Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey, go look at this cool blog - it's about knitting/life. She's doing a contest - fun.... I think I'd like Cass in person!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing much going on, so I took a little stroll this morning and snapped some flowery "red hot pokers" are "red hot"!!

Some pretty Dianthus (Sweet William??) left over from several years ago...I bought the 6-packs of "annuals" at the local Lowe's. Instead of being annual, it comes back just as pretty year after year. This is probably 4 years old now - no special treatment - it just dies back some during the winter, then perks up in springtime.

Here is a sprig of Columbine from Mom's yard. Delicate little flowers.

This is my big rose bush that I transplanted from the side yard a couple of years ago (it wasn't getting enough sun)... Note the large, pretty pink bud here -

Now this is kindof weird - this is a little rosebush that sprouted from the root-stock of the pink rose above. Note that this is a small, red bud. No-where near pink. I'm positive that it's from the same root as above because no other rose bush has ever been planted there. They must have root-stock that is red and then graft other varieties on top. Only 'splanation I can come up with!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I went down to NC State yesterday to see Robert's spring Jazz band concert.

Here's Robert - he shares the lead trumpet spot with the guy next to him.. They are LOUD.

They had a grammy winning guest - a sax player named Jeff Coffin. He apparently volunteers to tour around to schools to help out their jazz departments. He was very cool. The kids in the band are definitely the cream of the crop - a big step ahead of any high school band I've ever heard. But this guy was phenomenal - he could make that sax do all kinds of crazy sounds. And it looked easy to him - I guess that's what being a professional musician is all about....

This is a little blurry - but the sax player could play TWO saxes at the same time! And play them really well - sounded a couple of sax players playing different parts to the same song. Amazing how much air he had to blow thru the mouthpieces to make that happen!

The obligatory "Mom" shot - Robert's longtime buddy Ray was there - sat with me during the performance. He snapped this photo. Note Granddaddy's old hat that Robert wears at every jazz band performance.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teresa will be proud of me for this - I usually dump powdered creamer in my coffee in copious amounts. Really bad for the arteries, I'm sure. Teresa purchased some Silk brand creamer when we were over at Grandma's a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, my local Food Lion does not stock this yummy substance. But, I did find this "Very Vanilla" soymilk. It is quite good in the coffee also. Maybe next time I'm in "yuppy-ville" (Chapel Hill...) I can try the snooty Harris Teeter there. They are likely to have the soy-creamer. (Not trying to say Teresa is snooty - far from it!! Those who knit socks can't be snooty!)

Now, Teresa isn't going to appreciate this too much....

I had an extra pound of the delicious shrimp I brought back from Oriental (frozen). These are huge - and they must have been kept alive long enough for the "veins" to be cleansed...I just used a good bit of Eddie's Seafood Seasoning....

And I ate this entire plate in one setting!! I felt like I was at the Pelican in Ocracoke having the 15 cent peel-n-eat shrimp....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thought I'd send some photos of spring to the north!! Just wandering around the yard with my camera....

The bearded iris's are blooming nicely now

Some Candytuft - may have another name...

My Red-hot Pokers are starting to "bloom" (or whatever it is that they do...). I thought they were more of a summertime bloom...

I transplanted a big rose bush that I planted in the yard a few years ago. Now it resides very happily in the bright, full sun beside the hangar. It's got a million blooms on it now.

Just some pretty pots on the deck.

Hostas, hostas, everywhere beside the house. The hostas I had planted out in my flower beds got nibbled by the deer this year.

This is a Japanese Iris - again, I thought they bloomed a little later than this.

And finally, my little flower bed outside the basement window. It's getting a little over-run this year with the greenery. Low-maintenance though!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

We left last Thursday evening for a nice weekend at the boat. We had earlier planned to take Robert and a couple of friends from school. These plans were put on hold because Robert needed to play Taps at a Veteran's funeral plus the weather was forecast to a bit "iffy". Regardless, Duane and I went anyway and had a great time. We set out early Friday morning for Cape Lookout - we were the only boat in the "lagoon" can vaguely see the boat anchored in the background. We took the dinghy ashore and tied it off to an old burned-out vehicle carcass.

Went for a wonderful hour-or-so walk along the beach...

There was a neat little sand-bar. Doesn't really show here, but you had to wade thru a little flowing river-let to get onto the sand-bar.

The sand-bar was made up completely of crushed sea-shells. Very pretty.

Forgot to snap a photo, but on our return to the dinghy, the vehicle carcass was almost completely underwater - the tide had come in....I waded out and untied it and we were on our way back to the boat - you can see the Cape Lookout lighthouse in the background if you get out your binoculars!!

We went on back to Oriental on Saturday because the dreaded weather was still forecast....and a good thing we did.

The fisherman-family next-door to the marina (Endurance Seafood) had lots to choose from. I got fresh HUGE scallops and a whole sea-bass. He cleaned the fish for me and gave the remains to his huge kitty-cat. Asked me if I wanted her "egg-sack" to fry-up...I told him I'd be bold next time....

The local grocery store had fresh asparagus for $1.99/lb...can't beat that with a stick!!! I roasted it in the oven and then put the fish in to broil. Note the melted butter - definitely not diet food!!

Really yummy!

Set your speakers on - and watch this little video. It's just a nice, smooth sail coming back from Cape Lookout. The wind noise is a little much, but you get the idea. Duane's reading, I'm just watching the pretty green/blue water go by....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's just 20 days now until our big trip to the British Virgin Islands....I'm already beginning to pack - this is our 6th trip to Tortola, each time on a sailboat. So I pretty much know exactly what is nice to have. All of the food (breakfasts and lunches mostly) will be delivered to the boat and should be there when we arrive. The heavy dive gear will also be rented and delivered to the boat. So, we just need some swim suits, shorts, teeshirts, mask/fin/snorkels and various other "stuff" for 10 days at sea. This is what Robert's old room looks like:

Hey, American Airlines still allows 2 bags each weighing 50 lbs each...

Interesting find...I pulled out a duffle bag that had been stored since our last trip - and I found these tucked in a pocket all rolled up tight:

Over the past year, I've been wondering what could have possibly happened to one of my favorite swimsuits - now I know!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pretty iris's ... I thought the effect of the flash was kindof neat.

I forgot to get someone to snap a photo of Duane and I on Friday night when we were wearing our silly shirts. This one I got in BVI at Jost van Dyke. Duane said he'd like a similar one that says "my next wife will be kinky"....I should get him one made someday....

To try to even the score, Sharon and Buddy brought him back this shirt from their trip to Calif that we missed when we went to China the last time. Hope he enjoys the beer!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another foodie post.....I haven't been using my grill lately - mostly because I was out of propane and too lazy to go get a refill. But Friday was errand day and I went over to the local Southern States Farm Supply and got my refill.

So I had to use it!

I've mentioned the spice that my brother gave me - Calgary Chicken Spice - that I absolutely love. Here I use it generously... My trick for tender chicken on the grill it to cook it in beer or wine first, then transfer it to the grill. Keeps it moist and adds flavor - no grease required.

The meal for the night is to be a fresh Caesar Salad - but I forgot to pick up croutons. So, I just sprinkled olive oil on some hot dog buns, sprinkled spices and cut them up into small pieces. Then I just put them on the top shelf of the grill to dry out.

The result was actually quite good - light and crispy - and I didn't have to turn on the oven to do it!

Here's the yummy tender grilled chicken...

Add some parmesan cheese, dressing and a bunch of Danish Blue Cheese - Yum!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Forgot to mention it on Saturday - but I guess we only have "adult" children now since Richard turned 18....kinda weird that I could be that old!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My sister posted a nice, clean sink on her blog - so that gave me the incentive to go to work on mine. It's been months since I've given it a good scrubbing....

Yep, it makes you feel better about your whole kitchen to have your sink shine!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

I pretty much always make a batch of my cookies for our Friday night poker game. I got out the last of the pecans Duane and I shelled this fall (I had frozen them).

I've been meaning to post about Emmie - Teresa and I both have one from long, long ago...and we both still love our little food processors! I doubt they ever made a better one as far as easy to use/clean - and just the right size!

A bit noisy...

I decided to use the duck egg - REALLY large yolk! I need 4 eggs for this double batch of cookies - so I figure these two will be perfect! The recipe is not too terribly sensitive anyway...

Oh yeah, I went to our local "Friends of the Library" semi-annual book sale this morning. It's the second day, so the books are 1/2 of the original marked down price... I got all these books for $10 - the hardbacks are in new condition. We read them at our leisure and then I donate them back! (better than late fees for the ones I check out and forget to return on time!!)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

OK - so I didn't really like the haircut from yesterday....I went to a different shop. It feels good - should be easy-care. (No pony tail capability though!) I won't have trouble with hair in my SCUBA mask now!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

OK, this is kindof a spooky picture! I got my hair cut this morning....this is my self-portrait - taken with my arm stretched out in front of my face...I like the hair fairly well - light but still able to pull it back if I want.