Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun quick trip to Niagara Falls

Feel like a quick trip to Niagara Falls?

It was only 445 miles in the plane, so about 3 1/2 hours.

Looking out the window I spied some wind turbines - I think they were in northern Virginia. They look small but I understand that the blades are a couple of hundred feet each!

After a few naps, Buffalo finally came into view. The air was crystal clear below the clouds.

Approaching Niagara, it was clear that they weren't going to let us near the falls. The airspace is restricted over the falls.....on final approach, I could actually see the mist from the falls....can you pick it out? The next photo is the same one with the mist circled:

The general aviation office has a favorite taxi driver - Noor. A friendly fellow that gave us lots of info on the short ride over to the Canadian side.

We had been to Niagara 10-15 years ago for a couple of days. And we don't remember the "Vegas" feel to it. But there is certainly that feeling now!

Everyone was hungry - Lindy wanted Indian food - so we found a nice place. Really yummy food, very spicy.

Be prepared for lots of photos of the falls....they are truly mesmerizing.

Lots of walking. Lots of people watching. Dick and Lindy enjoying the nice, cool day.

Classic pose!

Told you there would be lots of photos of the falls!

Standing just feet away from the actual top shelf of stone as the water rushes over. Again, mesmerizing. And loud!

We rode the huge Ferris Wheel - glad it was enclosed. I really don't like heights, you know...

View from the top of the wheel...

The American side falls

Things got a little silly with some of the amusement rides. Bumper cars....

Spinning tea cups!

More falls photos...

A couple of miles up-river looking back towards the falls.

Dick and Lindy, sittin' in a tree.....

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant....Crowne Plaza, if you're ever there. Very good!

The falls at sunset....

Pretty lights of the town.

The next morning, it was off to Corning/Elmira to do a little touring and visit the Corning Glass Museum. Pretty green terrain.

We rented a car and drove up to the Seneca Lake area. This is known as the "Finger Lakes".
It's apparently an excellent area to grow grapes for wine.

We did a couple of wine tastings - one of the owners told us the reason the area is so good for growing grapes is that the lakes are spring fed and never freeze. Purchased several of the favorite wines - a little more $$ than I'm used to spending.....

Next up was the Corning Glass Museum. I know it sounds kindof dry, but it was pretty neat.

We saw lots of really old glass - like 600 B.C.

And a cool glass blowing demo. Just page thru and you'll see a glob of molten sand turn into a really cool bowl.

Unfortunately, they don't give the bowls away.

After a blaring 6:30AM fire alarm (no fire) at the hotel, we had a pleasant flight home! Nice trip!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flying up to Niagara Falls....slowly I turn.....

My sis immediately laughed and quoted the Three Stooges as soon as I told her we were going to Niagara Falls. I didn't really recall the I looked it up. Quite the classic, and now I'll never be able to say Niagara Falls without this saying blurting out too!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Really, Kymbal? Come on, try Karen instead!!

How many years have I been commenting on the Friendly Florist in Siler City? I drove by today and they're offering Kymbal free flowers......really? When will it be my turn?????

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paving, finally!

Aren't you glad this is the last time you'll have to hear me talk about paving the driveway??

They finally finished this morning.

They even had to stop traffic on the main highway for a little while. Neat. (I'm sure no one on the highway thought it was "neat" though!)

It's a little hard to see the detail here....right now it still looks a little like gravel. It's not "blacktop" paving. It's the old fashioned tar/gravel. After a good rain and some traffic, the gravel will settle down into the black tar and it will look more like the pavement we're used to. cars will now be DUSTFREE!!! Yippee!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Osprey lands at Siler City Airport

No, unfortunately, the road is not paved yet!! Rain keeps delaying the event. Hopefully Monday morning if the rain stays away for the remainder of the day today.....

Friday, we heard what I believe was:

"Elvis (unintelligible number) - 5 miles north, landing Siler City".

I had no earthly idea what plane that could be, but a few minutes later this Osprey did a practice approach and landing. Really, it's cool in person!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


BOO HOO - rain delay today. Scheduled for tomorrow (Friday)!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am beside myself!!!

And you guys all know why!!! What have I been harping on for 15 years??? TOMORROW!!!!!
(S.T. Wooten Corp out of Sanford, NC rocks, by the way)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frugal Chair Covering

This is pretty cool......our local "recycle center" (A.K.A. the garbage dump) has a storage shed that they encourage people to use to drop off items that could be used by others instead of going to the landfill. It's sort-of a "free" thrift store. Items that are not picked up one day are thrown away by the staff the next day.

A couple of weeks ago as I was throwing out my trash, I spied this set of 4 chair frames sitting in the shed. So I scooped them up before anyone else could!

Next I had to scrounge something to make the seats to the Habitat store in Asheboro. The local furniture manufacturer, Klaussner Furniture (who, by the way, keeps their Citation jet at the Asheboro Airport) donates their fabric samples to the store. Stack upon stack of really nice fabric squares to choose from....

I couldn't decide in the store what color, so I bought a whole pile of them. I got 24 - 2'x2' squares.....all for $2.00 !!! I only needed 4 - so if you've got a project , let me know.

Next I had to make a new seat frame - so I traced out a pattern.

And transferred the pattern to some left-over plywood.

Easy as pie!

I found some foam that was packaging material for some airplane parts. Traced out the pattern to fit the chair bottom. Cut it with a razor blade....

Not all that pretty by itself, but it will get the job done.

With the trusty staple gun, I started fitting the fabric over the foam.

All stretched and stapled in place.

First one finished. It's not fancy, but it sits nicely. And terrific because it's just about as close to "free" as you get!

All done! Now Richard just needs to find an apartment to fill up with furniture!!!