Saturday, March 31, 2007

The yard had gotten to the point that it no longer just looked "winter straggley" (is that a word?)

Don't know if you can see the difference or not, but we cranked up the riding mower and weed-eater. I made a day of mowing and "whacking" - with proper eye and ear protection, of course! Now the place is getting that "cared for" look again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I spoke at "career day" at the local school...talked all about careers in aviation. Here I am handing out some "freebies" that some of my suppliers donated for the occasion. Just some pens, pads of paper and ear plugs. It was a nice bunch of 8th graders (not my kiddo's school). Although one of the kids did stick the ear plugs up his nose - it was actually quite funny....

Spent most of the day there - I've never said the same thing over and over so many times!! I couldn't keep track of what I'd said to each group (there were 10 different groups). My voice was going south by the end of the day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This photo is kindof weird, but I wanted to share this ridiculously easy dish that was super tasty. Yesterday, I was heating up the oven to bake some salmon - and I decided that I should just fill up the oven with dishes to take advantage of the heat that I was paying I whipped up a quick green bean casserole and seasoned some chicken tenders (to be used later as topping on Ceasar salad...) I had space for one more dish. I was going to steam some frozen broccoli to serve with the salmon- so I decided that maybe I could pop it in the oven also and not end up watching a pot on the stove.

All I did was take about 1/2 cup of parmesean cheese (maybe T can substitute?) and tossed it with the almost thawed broccoli. Put that in a covered pyrex dish and baked for about 45 min. Seemed too long, but the pieces stayed firm - just really sweet tasting - like a roasted onion, I guess. Yum!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The weather has been so nice, I had to do some "patio gardening". I just retrieved all my hanging baskets from the shed and filled them with petunias, violas and some carnations. I've never grown carnations, so we'll have to see how they turn out.

This shot is of my watering jug - I love the color of the water when I add MiracleGro - looks like the cool blueberry koolaid I used to make for the kids.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More nature photos....
This is a pear tree we planted about 3 years ago. It's coming along nicely - the blossoms are very pretty.

My "thrift" is staying will be this way thru the summer unless it gets really, really dry (and I forget to water it!)

And finally, another of my "mystery" bulbs. I don't recall planting it - but it sure is pretty!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My sister has been putting photos of her hairdo on her here goes. Since I spend literally 1 minute on my hair, it's not much of a "do".

Richard is working at Food Lion this evening, and Robert has gone with his school's Jazz Band to Virginia for a competition this weekend. We're heading out for a Japanese steakhouse meal this evening with a group of friends to celebrate two birthdays. They're both local people, born on the same year and same day (yesterday). Pretty neat.


Friday, March 16, 2007

I can't believe the daffodils that I posted days and days ago are still beautiful! I seem to recall in past years, daffodils were a pretty quick bloom and shrivel....oh well, I'll take it!

Somehow, I convinced Princess to stay still for a moment...aren't those cute puppy-dog eyes? (And grey like the rest of us!)

We had a huge rain event today - if the cold front we're getting now was about 10 hours quicker- we'd be having 20 inches of March snow like we did about 10 years ago.

I may have mentioned that Richard ran off in a ditch last weekend. Messed up the front of his Explorer. It appears to have bent the axle slightly, so he's not driving it right now....

I can't believe it, but I convinced him to pose for the camera for about 2 seconds...I snapped it quick so he wouldn't change his mind!!

Love, K

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This post could rightly be posted on Hall of Flowers!! It's absolutely beautiful here!

I finally got around to planting the bulbs that Mom gave me last fall (I think). They were in good shape - everything looked healthy and still "alive". This is a gladiolus bulb (note the gardening gloves given to me by a certain sister.) I ended up planting them in a row at the border of the garden. Last year, I had some in my flower bed and they just didn't fit in - just too big and lanky.

Now these bulbs - I don't exactly remember what they are!! I assume they are daffodils of some nature. If that's the case, I probably missed a bloom for this year - but you never know!

And lastly, Denise had given me some hardy hibiscus plants several years ago. They too, were too tall for the other flowers in my flower bed. They are lovely, but 6' tall. Also, they don't bloom until late summer, so you've got all this foliage for a long time with nothing "pretty". So, I dug up all the tubers/roots that I could find and transplanted them near the glads. I suspect I'll be digging up hibiscus plants for a few years. I suspect I didn't get all the roots and the term "hardy" means hardy-har-har if you think you can kill me!

I suspect my arms may be sore tomorrow - I don't think I've used a shovel in 4 months!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I can't believe how pretty the daffodils are staying. They're usually blooming for about a week and then gone...but this year, we've been enjoying them for 2 months!

I was talking to Granny yesterday telling her that I had some bulbs getting ready to bloom and I didn't remember what they were! Here is a photo of what they look like just prior to bloom. Really much "fatter" than normal daffodils. I thought maybe they were tulips, but it's too early for tulips...

The mystery is solved, however. They are just some very pretty bi-color daffodils. I don't remember planting them.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

OK, so I did absolutely NOTHING of interest this weekend....

Here's something kind of neat - this is a coffee bean plant (tree). We recieved it in a box with a shipment from a vendor several years ago. It was in one of those tiny little 2 inch pots and wasn't more than a couple of inches tall. They must be pretty hardy since it survived the shipment.

Well, Bobbi, my longtime employee and resident plant "wizard" took care of it all these years, transplanting it to larger containers as it grew. This year is the first year that we've had BEANS grow!!

There's only 10 or so beans - hopefully enough to make a ceremonial cup of coffee. We'll have to read up on the process via the internet to make sure we get it right!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here's Robert on his way to his Eagle Scout Board of Review last night. Amazing what a Boy Scout uniform looks like starched and pressed!

His Board of Review went well and he is now officially an Eagle Scout! We'll have to plan his award ceremony - he doesn't actually get his patch until the ceremony. I think I count 12 years in Scouting! He's had many good times there.